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The object of teaching a student is to enable the student to get along without the teacher. The best compliment a tutor can receive from a student is the student saying "I don't need you anymore."

I offer these pages for you to get to know me as both a teacher and a person. I believe honesty is the best policy and that is how I live my life.

My hope is that the pages contained in this website will help you to make the best decision possible in your pursuit to understand the material you are studying.

My Story is an honest autobiography of my life as a student with an emphasis on math. In it you will see how I progressed from a student, to a tutor, to a professional and back to a tutor again. You will also be able to read the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of my journey.

Proudly Tutoring Students at:
Orange Coast College
Golden West College
Fountain Valley High School
Edison High School
Ocean View High School
Huntington Beach High School
Westminster High School
Marina High School
Sowers Middle School
Dwyer Middle School

SMART MONEY: 10 Things Tutoring Services Won't Tell You
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Understanding Graphs

The Unit Circle
Proof Aliens Exist

The Ambiguous Case
Mean Value Theorem

Albert Einstein to Arnold Sommerfeld (1912)

"I occupy myself exclusively with the problem of gravitation and now believe I will overcome all difficulties. But this one thing is certain - I have become imbued with a great respect for mathematics. The subtle parts of which, in my ignorance, I had until now regarded as pure luxury."

What did Einstein mean when he said "the subtle points of mathematics seemed pure luxury"?

Physicists use mathematics as a tool to be used to accomplish something else. But real mathematicians are the guardians of precision and clarity of thought. What interests the mathematician is the mathematics itself. When a mathematician makes a statement, the statement takes into account every exception no matter how bizarre or unusual.

-Dr. David L. Goodstein

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